Imperial General Motor Insurance

Imperial General Assurance provides the minimum legally mandated third-party insurance cover, but recommends where possible clients look at taking a higher level Comprehensive Insurance cover. By doing so, should a client be involved in an accident, the protection is extended to protect your own vehicle’s loss as well as covered for third party liability.

Third Party

Third Party Fire & Theft


This covers accidental loss or damage to your vehicle(s) whether it is for private or corporate use or vehicles used to carry your business goods, vehicles for hire, and vehicles such as trucks and tankers used for general cartage.

Summary of Cover (Comprehensive Motor Insurance)

Accidental collision or overturning.
Fire, external explosion, self-ignition, or lightning.
Theft, burglary, house-breaking, and malicious acts.
Floods, storms, earthquakes, riots, strikes, and civil commotion.
Property damage, injury, and death to third parties for which you may be legally liable.

Collision Insurance

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