IMPERIAL offers a wide range of accident policies and this includes the following:

Group Personal Accident/Personal accident
This policy provides for payments of compensation in the event of death or disability. The policy is of importance to persons conducting their own businesses who may suffer serious financial loss if incapacitated from attending their affairs.

Employer’s Liability/Workmen’s Compensation
The policy provides compensation to our insured’s employees who may be injured in accidents arising out of and in the course of their employment.

Public Liability
The policy provides cover to the insured for accidental bodily injuries and accidental damage to properties of members of the public caused by the insured or his employees in the course of their work.

Professional indemnity
Our professional indemnity policy provides cover for professional workers such as Doctors, Accountants for their legal liability towards others for injury, loss or damage arising from their professional negligence or that of their employees.

Goods in transit
Our goods in transit policy provides cover to our insured in respect of loss or damage resulting from fire, accidental collision, impact, or over-turning of the conveying vehicle or conveyance whilst our insured’s property is in transit

Banker’s Blanket Indemnity
This policy provides indemnity for the direct financial loss of money &/or securities sustained by the insured bank and discovered during the period specified in the policy.

Money Insurance
Our Money Insurance covers your business for loss, damage or destruction of money in-transit, cash in your safe/s and cash held on your premises (including hold ups)

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