Engineering Insurance is an insurance policy that covers a wide range of engineering related risks. It is a comprehensive insurance that provides complete protection against an insured contract works, risks connected with erection, contractors plant and machinery, and risk associated with third party liabilities. The two main types of Engineering Insurance we offer are contractors all risk and erection all risk insurance.

Contractors All Risk (CAR) Insurance

This is an all-risk insurance cover for contractors in respect of loss, damage or destruction to the following;

  • Contract works,
  • Materials supplied by the principal,
  • Contractors’ plants and machinery,
  • Temporary buildings used as offices,
  • Third party claims regarding property damage or bodily injury that have occurred because of a construction project.

CAR also covers the following;

  • Architects, surveyors and engineer’s fees,
  • Cost of removal of debris during the course of construction.

Erection All Risk (EAR) Insurance

This policy provides cover for business organizations when there is the need for them to erect a plant or machinery. It compensates for loss or damage resulting from the installation/erection of plant and /or machinery

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