As an engineering company, you have a specific perspective on the risks that the structures and systems you build possess. When everyone else stands in awe of a tall building or bridge, you stand calculating the strength of the struts and girders, beams and pillars supporting the building. You are assessing risks. When people are enjoying the modern joys of electricity, instant water, home-theatres and the like, you are concerned about how well the electrical load is balanced and whether a fire might erupt.

At Imperial General Assurance, we understand risk. Just like you, we get it. Structures and systems are built by man, and as such, they have their risks. However, we go one step further. We cover you and your employees from the effects of some of the risks that may occur as a result of your engineering project. Whether it is a construction phase risk, or a risk that’s likely to occur during the operational phase of the structure or system, we have you covered.

Our Engineering insurance policy makes it possible for you to join in the enjoyment of the remarkable engineering feats that you and your team create. You don’t have to be the one who worries when everyone else is marveling. Some of the risks we underwrite include the following.

We Hope all is well.

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